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Here is a coding test zone

Maybe that's not what you are looking for, if you want to see my works, please visit link below. Otherwise, you could see some work in progress ...

Screenshot of Workshop


Workshop is a website for exhibit 3D models of the eponymous work.

See the website
Screenshot of Barycentric coordinate system

Barycentric coordinate system

A processing sketch which draw random triangles with point, barycentrics coordinates is used to put random point in the triangle area.

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Screenshot of Chat


This website is a generated chat with quotes by Isaac ASIMOV, Alain DAMASIO, Héraclite d'EPHÈSE, Michel FOUCAULT, Ada LOVELACE Nicolas TESLA, Aaron SWARTZ, Linus TORVALDS et Alan TURING.

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Screenshot of Morellet (web version)

Morellet (web version)

Morellet is a processing sketch which loop through the painting process of the work Tirets verticaux dont la longueur et l'espacement augmentent de 2 mm à chaque intervalle horizontal (1977) of François Morellet.

See the processing sketch
Screenshot of Logogen


A processing sketch for creating random logo with basic shape (circle, square and triangle).

See the processing sketch
Screenshot of Random()


Random() is a website with a 3D art gallery, internet user can change selected work, these works (about 45) were made by artists who answer to my call for projects.

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Screenshot of Straight Curve

Straight Curve

A processing (p5.js) sketch inspired by Straight Curve by Bridget Riley.

See the sketch
Screenshot of RTV (web version)

RTV (web version)

A port of the script of Random Triangle Variation made with p5.js.

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